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Pool Setup


CT-NY Metro BCA Pool League Bylaws

These rules should be followed for local league play.  These rules are in place resulting from the use of coin operated tables and associated limitations.  Elsewhere, players will need to follow tournament rules and adapt accordingly upon circumstances (for example: Vegas tournaments, etc).

  1. League play starts at 7:30 and all players need to be ready to start at this time.  (Note: for team play, alternate arrangements can be made between captains well in advance of start of play of the intended night.  If captains agree and reschedule games, they should be made up prior to one week of original play or it will be considered forfeit. If an entire team fails to show by 8pm with no notice to the opposing team or League Operator, then it is a forfeit (see rule 18 below).  Again, league operator needs to understand situation well in advance to avoid issue, and help promote play as that is the intended goal.)

  2. Players will split the cost of the table for all games.

  3. After the break if a ball is pocketed, the table is still open and the shooter has choice and must call a pocket.  If the shot/ball is missed, the table is still open and it is the opponent’s turn to call a shot/pocket

  4. As we play on coin operated tables, an 8 on the break is a win, as long as the cue doesn’t scratch or fly off the table.

  5. You must call your safes or no shot, and if you pocket your ball after contact, it is the opponents shot since you called a safe/no shot.

  6. There are 2 time outs per player for team play only.  Please keep tracking by noting the scoresheet for each player/game.

  7. The eight ball must be called and acknowledged by opponent or marked.

  8. If the eight ball is made and the cue ball is scratched, it is a loss. 

  9. On an eight ball shot, if the cue ball is pocketed and the eight ball is still on the table, it is ball in hand for the opponent (not a loss).

  10. If a ball is accidentally moved on the table, it is automatically the opponent’s shot with ball in hand.

  11. Legal hit - after hitting your object ball, a rail must be contacted.  If the shot involves the cue hitting the rail first then the object ball, something must hit a rail after contact is made with the object ball.

  12. When a player is not at the table, that person should be as unobtrusive as possible. The player that is not shooting should not stand in the line of the shooter or make noise that may distract the shooter. Respect your opponent and the game.

  13. During play if either player feels that a shot may not result in a legal hit the player may ask to have a referee or impartial observer watch the shot. (Suggestion: recording video with phone for replay if desired).

  14. If a referee is present, or if an observer is called to watch a shot, the judgment of the referee or observer is final and cannot be questioned. Either player can question the interpretation of a rule, but not a judgment call. 

  15. For team play, Substitute players are allowed as long as they are existing BCA members. There is a max of two substitute players per night per team. NO substitute players are allowed during playoff/finals. For individual matches, forfeits are 0 points and 10 for the opposing player. If both players are forfeited, the score is 0/0. If an entire team forfeits by not showing on time, the present team will be awarded 75% of the max score for the night.

  16. For team play, All players must play on their primary assigned team at the scheduled location.  They can only play as a substitute player if they are not selected to be part of the roster for a given night.  Again the max substitute players allowed for any team is 2.  If more than 2 sub players are used, those points will be lost and penalties incurred against any weekly bonus.

  17. New members can be added if membership form is completed and fees are submitted, please contact your league representative

  18. All matches including forfeits require payment towards weekly collections.  Non-payment will result is loss of points and ineligibility for money tournament.  

  19. Finals/Playoffs must use original team members per assigned roster and no substitutes allowed.  Determination of subs or non original team will result in automatic forfeit of that match's points. Contact League Operator for any concerns

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